If you are joining us from a school, youth group or are a parent and bringing young people onboard, the following documents may be useful;

Code of Conduct (for participants): Our staff and volunteers prioritise the welfare of young people, providing a safe, positive, inclusive environment. All participants taking part in our activities will need to abide by our Code of Conduct. This will be provided at the start of the voyage for everyone to sign and can be found here.

Risk Management Policy: Challenge Wales operates a robust risk management system, including risk assessments for sail training activities, shore-side activities and activities within its office. You can read more here.

Accompanying Risk Document: This can be read in conjunction with the above Risk Management Policy and provides further information that schools may need. You can read this here.

Risk Assessments: Please initially refer to the above policy which mentions why we do not just send out risk assessments. Copies are available to review in the office and on the boat. We know that it is good practice to seek details from us of our safety management practices but that does not necessarily mean requesting copies of risk assessments. Challenge Wales invites group leaders to visit the boat and undertake their own risk assessment or health and safety visit. A general risk assessment of sail training can be viewed here.

Insurance: Please find details of our current insurance

The Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS) have advised that Challenge Wales who is a Member of ASTO (Association of Sail Training Organisations) does not require an AALA licence. Further information confirming this can be read here.

Booking Terms and Conditions: These are available on each page of our website; www.challengewales.org and via a link from your booking form and can be found here.