Young people sailing on Challenge Wales have reported an increase in teamwork abilities, improved communication skills and gained in self-confidence. Some of our voyages though have been life-changing.

Improving Mental Health |"I loved being able to relive childhood memories"

‘Evan’ was in his early 20’s, depressed and had a learning disability.
What we did: Evan joined us for a one day voyage, then a two day residential.
The results: Evan increased his confidence and improved his physical and mental health. He gained accreditation and felt proud of his achievements. In Evan’s case for every £1 invested in the Voyages of Discovery project generated £7.43 of value

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Bringing Marine Science to Life

To have the opportunity to have something extra on their CV/record of achievement, seven students from three different schools came onboard Challenge Wales to learn about marine science.
What we did: The group took part in a one day voyage undertaking marine sampling & sailing
The result: They had a great experience and developed their knowledge about the local marine environment, team working, and grew their confidence.

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Helping socially excluded young people

‘Hope’ was 17, she lacked confidence, was nervous, and before the voyage said she felt “pants 🙁 ”
What we did: Hope joined us for one day voyage.
The results: The voyage boosted Hope’s confidence and  she increased her scores for physical and mental health by 40%. Independent evaluation showed that for every £1 invested in the Voyages of Discovery project, it created £5.65 of benefit!
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Gaining confidence - The sky's the limit

‘Carys’ was in her early teens had a moderate disability and suffered anxiety.
What we did: Carys joined us for a two day voyage.
The results: Carys described her experience as awesome and resulted in increased confidence, communication skills, teamwork abilities and mental wellbeing.

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From unemployment and into work

‘Luke’, aged 18,was unemployed, lacked self-motivation and spent hours in his bedroom. He hadn’t talked for two years and his Youth Worker didn’t think he would hold down a full time job.
What we did: Luke joined us for a 5 day residential
The results: Improved communication and social skills leading him into employment. Read the impact…

From Wales to the other side of the world

‘Shannon’ didn’t know what direction her career should go in after university.
What we did: Shannon joined us on a residential voyage initially and then a Tall Ships Race voyage
The results: Further opportunities as a result of sailing on Challenge Wales resulted in a new career focus. Read the impact…


Talking charts help Turn the Tide for blind people

Research through RNIB showed that visually impaired young people wanted to take part in the same activities as those people with vision.
What we did: Our Turning the Tide project enabled us to train our volunteers and adapted Challenge Wales with different aids to support visually impaired young people including the development of a Bluetooth audio compass & talking charts.
The results: The young people sailed Challenge Wales and experienced increased confidence and made friends. Read the impact…


Marine Skills Initiative - Lessons learnt from Sea to School

Pupils from a local High School identified a number of financially disadvantaged young people who would benefit from a sail training voyage but would need support to take part.
What we did: We developed a Marine Skills Initiative by partnering up with local organisations which helped fund pupils to take part in sailing & lifeskills activities
The results: Pupils developed  team working and communication skills with some furthering their interest in sailing and sail training.

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