Schools and Youth Groups 

Challenge Wales offers an exhilarating opportunity for young people to experience, helping to broaden their horizons, develop their personal and social skills to help improve their employment prospects. Some of our voyages are marine-themed and science-focused, others are  or an opportunity to build friendships while having lots of fun! Challenge Wales also offers Agored Cymru units in; Teamwork, Developing Own Confidence and an Environmental Project and we will work with your group to put the right sail training programme together that meets your learning objectives.

Groups join Challenge Wales or Adventure Wales either on one of our scheduled voyages, in our sailing schedule, or create their own by letting the Challenge Wales team know the proposed duration of the voyage and suitable dates as well as what they wish to get out of the experience.

If you are an independent young person or there are just 2 or 3 people in a group interested in joining a voyage, then joining one of our voyages already scheduled is perfect for this.

Groups we have worked with include: Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Youth Clubs, Homeless Charities, Air Cadets, Colleges, Schools, Princes Trust, SEN Departments, Universities, BME Women, Unemployed Young People and Young Carers to name a few.

The Challenge Wales charity is also an Approved Activity Provider with the DofE Scheme and able to offer Gold Residential opportunities enabling you to achieve this on any of our vessels.

Challenge Wales, a 72-foot round-the-world racing yacht and Adventure Wales, the 60-foot ocean-going vessel are now an exhilarating opportunity for young people to experience, helping to broaden their horizons, develop their personal and social skills and improve their future employability. Our case studies are testament to the work we do and what we can achieve.

The group will be involved in all aspect of sailing the boat while remaining in a safe, exciting and challenging environment.


There are plenty of different ways you can get involved with Challenge Wales:

  • A variety of sailing trips tailored to your school or group
  • An adventurous activity – ideal for school activity weeks
  • Field trips with a difference – e.g. Geography, Physics, Maths, Environmental Studies
  • Agored Cymru accreditation in Teamwork, Developing Own Confidence and Environmental Project
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Become a volunteer


  • Up to 10 young people and two group leaders can join a trip on Challenge Wales
  • Up to 8 young people and two group leaders can join a trip on Adventure Wales

however, these numbers are likely to reduce (slightly) on a residential and if the ratio of group leader to young person needs to change.

Why not read our Young People’s Information Pack to find out more about Challenge Wales.

Further information on what to bring with you if you are planning an overnight or longer trip can be found in the Life Onboard section.

Your next step will be to a book a trip, there are some young people’s trips already in the latest sailing schedule  which you may wish to book (these are a mix of one, two, three and five day trips). Alternatively you can contact us with the days and type of trip you had in mind and we can book your trip in that way. Whether you book a young persons sailing trip in the schedule or you provide us with different dates you want… the cost will always be the same.

Group Leader | Teacher Taster Day Sails

We offer free boat visits and a complimentary sailing day to those who have booked a group trip with us. This enables you to fully experience the environment that your young people will be experiencing, speak to our crew and skipper and start planning your voyage on what could potentially be ‘Wales’ Wettest Classroom!’.  Talk to us today to book your place.

Agored Cymru Accreditation

Agored Cymru is a Welsh awarding body for education and training.providing innovative and flexible learning suitable for those aged 14+.  If you would like your voyage to be accredited then just let us know. Accreditation is perfect for those wanting to put something onto their CV:
Challenge Wales can offer;

  • Teamwork (Level E3 | Credit Value 1)
  • Environmental Project (Level E3 | Credit Value 2)
  • Improving Own Confidence (Level E3 | Credit Value 3)

The Value of Sail Training and Outdoor Activity

  • Promotes the growth of group identify
  • Enables achievement and success
  • Improves mental health and well-being
  • Places everyone on a level playing field
  • Develops thinking through planning and reflecting
  • Places young people in a stimulating, positive & natural environment
  • Develops teamwork, confidence, communication skills and self-esteem