Challenge Wales volunteers get involved in all aspects of running the organisations including maintenance.

Some of our volunteer crew will help with maintenance (ship shape days) as it is a great way to get to learn about the boat and meet other people but you don’t need to be a volunteer crew to be one of our maintenance volunteers which offers both skilled and unskilled opportunities.

Sometimes we run a very structured maintenance programme which is based around our boat surveys, while other times we need help for ad hoc activities as well as inventory checks, minor repairs, moving equipment etc. T

If you want to get involved as a Maintenance Volunteer then please fill in the Volunteer Form. We appreciate that different volunteers can give different amounts of time and expertise so whether it is just for a few hours on one weekend or more regular volunteering then that is great.

If you have been one of our volunteer crew but are unable to sail anymore or have reduced time then you can still continue volunteering as one of our maintenance volunteers.