There are plenty of reasons to book a voyage with Challenge Wales.

  • You might be looking for a fun activity
  • You want to do something adventurous outdoors
  • You are looking to develop teamwork skills or provide a team building activity
  • You are looking to gain a range of sailing skills
  • Gain a qualification or accreditation
  • You are taking part in your Gold DofE Residential
  • You are working towards a Leadership award
  • You want to gain an awareness of marine life and appreciate the sea
  • You want to make new friends
  • You want to try something new
  • You want to become a volunteer or have a career at sea
  • You need time away from your home or work life to just chill and reflect
  • You want to get over your X-box or TV addiction
  • You want to have a working holiday

…to name a few