Some trips on Challenge Wales are just for a few hours, while other trips could include long cruising passages so what you can expect really does depend on your selected voyage itinerary:

  • Food:
    Your meals away from port are included in the cost of your trip and there is no need to take your own provisions. However, you may wish to bring your own sweets/chocolates/nibbles. Dietary requirements are catered for and you will need to advise us in advance on your booking form together with any information on food allergies and intolerances. If your trip is longer than a day then you will be required to help cook food for your fellow crew members. If you need help with menu planning then Challenge Wales can help you with some suggested meal plans. It is strongly suggested that you use the Challenge Wales meal plans to help you.
  • Personal Safety Equipment:
    We will provide you with wet weather gear to ensure that you remain dry while sailing. All guests will be allocated with a personal life jacket / harness.
  • Onboard:
    The central saloon is where you will have your meals or sit down to discuss the days sailing, weather conditions and plan your route. Guests will sleep in pipe-cots with most of the sleeping quarters towards the stern of the boat.
  • Alcohol and smoking:
    Challenge Wales operates a no smoking policy onboard the vessel. If you are a smoker then you will need to manage this, as if we drop anchor we might not be back in port for another 48 hours! Alcohol is not normally provided and alcohol consumption will be in accordance with our Drug and Alcohol Policy. Alcohol should not be brought onboard the vessel.
  • Offshore:
    When sailing offshore, which includes night passages, we will operate a watch system. This helps maintain a constant watch on deck while giving each crew member as much sleep as possible.


Space is very limited in a sailing yacht and although there are items you need to bring, you will need to pack as lightly as possible. We will provide you with a small crate so that all your personal items can be stored safely.

  • Canvas luggage bag (no hard suitcases can be accommodated on board)
  • Warm Sleeping Bag/pillow (as a pillow takes up room why not think about bringing an inflatable travel pillow, or just a pillow case and putting a jumper in it to make your own pillow!)
  • Towels
  • Appropriate Footwear – soft shoes with light coloured soles. Don’t bring black soled shoes for use on board as they mark the deck.If you have sea boots please bring these with you
  • Swimwear – sometimes there is the option to go swimming in the sea or in a leisure centre
  • Spare pair of shoes for going ashore/wearing onboard in the evening
  • Warm clothing – it is best to wear layers of clothes i.e. t-shirt/long sleeved t-shirt/sweater/fleece/wind proof jacket/2 pairs of socks, gloves, hat (i.e. beanie not baseball cap). Remember, you may get wet so don’t forget a set of spare clothes and dry clothes for going ashore.  Foul weather gear (trousers and jacket) will be provided if you need it by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT
  • Hat – a woolen beanie hat is great for keeping your head warm in cooler weather or when sailing at night, a sun hat (a wide brimmed hat with rope to go around your chin) is useful in warmer weather and to keep the sun off your face
  • Headband /bandana – useful for keeping hair out the way, useful for keeping the sun off your head/ears, useful at night for tying around your head and ears to keep any snoring noises out.
  • Sunscreen / sunglasses
  • Spare pair of glasses / contact lenses
  • Hair band to tie back long hair
  • Nightwear – teeshirt, pyjamas, tracksuit work well
  • RYA log book
  • Clothes to wear in port
  • Medication (if you have medication on board please advise the Skipper on your arrival and indicate this on your booking form)
  • Treats/food. Although meals and snacks are provided you may want to bring a bar of chocolate/crisps or similar for the journey
  • Ear plugs and eye mask (to help you sleep)

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