PennyWise Impact Programme Launched

For many organisations finding themselves doing budgetary ballet as they sail towards their financial year end, enter Challenge Wales who can help alleviate any problems and step in to help.

Challenge Wales has launched a new service; the ‘PennyWise Impact’ programme to benefit those organisations looking to spend their last pounds and pence this month (although it could be any month depending on when your accounting year ends) in a meaningful way. How amazing does that sound? It helps companies spend their pennies wisely which in turn will provide a measurable impact on a charity and young people’s lives.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the things you could do, but feel free to discuss other ideas with us. You could:
* Support a place for a young person on a personal development voyage. This person is the workforce of tomorrow and who knows could be working for you in the future….or your competitors!

* Allocate us a grant towards our core costs or one of our programmes – we can acknowledge it in our social media and you can let people know about it too. Whether it is a modest contribution or a grand gesture every penny helps Challenge Wales provide more innovative outdoor educational activities. Don’t worry, we can work to your budget.

* You can book a Leadership Development Residential course with our partners E3i onboard our boat in a unique learning environment. Take what you have learnt into the workplace to create high performing teams which can contribute to increasing your efficiency and productive as well as improve working relationships.

* You can book a day out on the water with us for unparalleled networking. You will have a captive audience so great at enhancing relationships and they will see you championing a charitable cause.

* You could help us buy some equipment to enable us to undertake Ocean Literacy activities. That’s a great big tick for sustainability and amplifying your ESG triumphs, and with our Ocean Literacy educational programme we will be passing knowledge on to young people so it becomes a much bigger tick for the environment and safeguarding our shared blue planet.

* You could sponsor one of our shore-side volunteer training days. Our ‘SEA-ing the Bigger Picture’ session enables us to undertake diversity awareness training, safeguarding sessions and ocean literacy training with our volunteers in our office classroom.

* Charitable Change: Make a contribution to the Challenge Wales charity and then roll up your sleeves and take part in some volunteering. You can witness first hand where your money was spent and the transformative impact of taking disadvantaged young people to sea. Your contribution will enable us to provide the right support for young people wanting to volunteer too.

These are just a few ideas to help budgets get spent and we are just a phone call or email away for a friendly chat.

Don’t worry, we will dispatch that invoice with the swiftness of a boat catching the next high tide out of Cardiff Bay. For those of a non-sailing disposition that means we will invoice VERY quickly ensuring we meet your deadline.

If you think our PennyWise Impact programme can impact on your year end budget then get in touch; or call 029 20 704657