Almost 100 vessels and thousands of  young people took part in the Tall Ships Races 2018 – and if you are aged 16 – 25 years then you can take part in the  2019 Tall Ships Races too! Remember, a variety of bursaries will be available to help you jump onboard so if you want to join us on a voyage, financial support is there to help make this possible!  Check our out Bursaries page for more details!

The Tall Ships races and events are about adventure, heritage, social responsibility and scale – set against a stunning backdrop of vessels, beautiful ports and a fever of festival excitement!  They are one of the largest free family events in Europe and provide an amazing cultural and educational experience for our trainees onboard – for many it will be their first time sailing, racing and being away from home!

Come and join us in 2019 for an adventure like no other! Remember, no sailing experience is required and a Tall Ships adventure can be a great addition to a CV or provide the perfect summer break.


**We are still planning our logistics around the Tall Ships Races but if you are interested please email our office so you can be the first to get our Tall Ships Information Pack when it is released**

Aberdeen (UK) to Aalborg (Denmark): 27th June - 5th July 2019

The delivery trip into the Tall Ships Races is a great way to gain some sea miles and experience the start of this spectacular event. This voyage will include night sailing. This voyage is suitable for those aged 18 – 75 years / adult only.

Cost £549
If you are aged 18 – 25 years, a bursary is likely to be available subject to eligibility.
To book a berth please contact the office on 029 20 704 657 or email us.

Aalborg (Denmark) to Fredrikstad (Norway): 5th - 13th July 2019

This is Race 1 of the Tall Ships Races. You will set sail in the Parade of Sail and start to work with your fellow crew mates to race the boat. It will be fun and challenging. Throw in some spectacular scenery, amazing sunrises & sunsets, camaraderie and it becomes an adventure that will provide a lifetime of memories.

Cost – £735 (different bursaries are available for this voyage including one up to €500 if eligible)
Our Tall Ships Information pack will be available shortly but if you are interested in this voyage then please contact us by email or call 029 20 704 657

Fredrikstad (Norway) to Bergen (Norway): 13th - 23rd July 2019

Get ready for the Cruise in Company. Join us in the afternoon of 13th July, explore one or two of the spectacular tall ships before the Challenge Wales welcome meeting where you will meet your fellow crew. Learn the ropes and head off to sea in the spectacular parade of sail. Then it will be a time to explore some of the amazing ports in Norway and spot wildlife. if you are wanting to take part in the Tall Ships Races but aren’t looking for a competitive voyage then this is perfect for you.

Cost – £855 (different bursaries are available for this voyage including  one up to €500 if eligible)

Bergen (Norway) to Aarhus (Denmark) - 23rd July - 3rd August 2019

It’s Race 2 of the Tall Ships Races and a good opportunity for some exciting sailing to the finish port and the celebrations. You’ll be working in watches, as two teams and making lifelong friends along the way. In port, meet up with crews from all over the world and take part in the famous crew parade representing Wales and the UK.

Cost – £900 (different bursaries are available for this voyage including one up to €500 if eligible)

Aarhus (Denmark) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) 3rd - 12th August 2019

It’s our first Homeward Bound Leg. Take part in the Parade of Sail and wave goodbye to the amazing tall ships events. Before we set sail you will have time to experience the party atmosphere of this spectacular event.

Cost – £650 (different bursaries are available for this voyage so please check out our bursaries page)

Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Gosport (UK) 12th - 18th August

It’s our second Homeward Bound Leg.  Experience the sail from Amsterdam all the way back to Gosport, a great opportunity to develop sailing and navigational skills as we make our way back to the UK.

Cost – £560 (Different bursaries are available for this voyage if eligible)

Gosport (South England, UK) to Penarth (South Wales, UK) 18th August - 23rd August 2019

It’s our final leg home to Penarth.  Joining Challenge Wales in Gosport you will help crew the vessel back to its home port of Penarth, with an opportunity to see Lundy Island, an island host to seals, puffins and pods of dolphins.  You’ll sail along some of the most spectacular coastlines of Devon and Cornwall before experiencing sailing in the Bristol Channel.

Cost – £500 per person (bursaries are available for this voyage)