Over 100 vessels and almost 7,000 young people took part in the Tall Ships Races 2017 – and if you are aged 16 – 25 years then you can take part in the 2018 Tall Ships Races too! Remember, a variety of bursaries are available to help you jump onboard so if you want to join us on a voyage, financial support is there to help make this possible!  Check our out Bursaries page for more details!

If travelling overseas is not your thing but you want to experience a Tall Ships voyage then you can join us on a more local Tall Ships Regatta (organised by the same team behind the Tall Ships Races). The Tall Ships Regatta is a smaller version of the main race series and if you are aged 16 – 25 years then you can take part. Although the Tall Ships Regatta starts in Liverpool and finishes in Dublin we are extending the voyage by a couple of days to also include a quick non-stop sail back to Cardiff!

Tall Ships races and events are about adventure, heritage, social responsibility and scale – set against a stunning backdrop of vessels, beautiful ports and a fever of festival excitement!

Come and join us in 2018 for an adventure like no other! Remember, no sailing experience is required and a Tall Ships adventure can be a great addition to a CV or provide the perfect summer break

Tall Ships Regatta: Liverpool to Dublin then Cardiff: 27th May - 5th June 2018

Unable to join us for an overseas Tall Ships racing adventure? Then our Tall Ships Regatta could be for you. Join in Liverpool and experience the Tall Ships festivities and the Parade of Sail. Then you will start to learn the ropes and get ready to race. You will be racing non-stop over a couple of days to Dublin where you will take part in the crew parade, party and shore-side inter-crew activities before sailing non-stop back to Cardiff.

Cost – £750 | 10 days

Read the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta information pack

Gosport to Sunderland: 8th - 13th July 2018

Challenge Wales departing AberdeenJoin us for our ‘Fast Blast Delivery’ voyage to Sunderland. This is a great milebuilder as we plan to sail non-stop straight into the Tall Ships Festival. Everyone on this voyage will also experience the Tall Ships Crew Parade.

Cost – £329 | 6 days
Read the 2018 Tall Ships Information Pack!

Sunderland (UK) to Esbjerg (Denmark): 13th - 20th July 2018

The UK is the starting destination for the 2018 Tall Ships Races series and we can’t wait to be there to soak up the amazing festival /celebratory atmosphere. It’s a great adventure ahead as we race across the North Sea to Denmark as we represent Wales and the UK.

Cost – £700 | 8 days
Read the 2018 Tall Ships Information Pack

Esbjerg (Denmark) to Stavanger (Norway): 20th - 28th July 2018

This is a Cruise in Company leg, so although not competitively racing you will be part of the spectacular Parade of Sail with the international Tall Ships fleet, visit new ports and then arrive in Stavanger for the crew parade representing Wales and the UK. This 9 day activity is perfect for those who might not want to take part in a competitive race and see a bit more of the amazing coast and landscapes.

Cost – £750 | 9 days
Read the 2018 Tall Ships Information Pack

Stavanger (Norway) to Harlingen (Netherlands): 28th July - 5th August 2018

Get ready for the last race of the Tall Ships Races 2018 series. Join us in the afternoon of 28th July, explore one or two of the spectacular tall ships before the Challenge Wales welcome meeting where you will meet your fellow crew. Learn the ropes and head off to sea in the spectacular parade of sail. Then it will be a sail to the start line

Cost – £800 | 9 days
Read the 2018 Tall Ships Information Pack

Harlingen (Netherlands) to Gosport (UK): 5th Aug - 11th Aug 2018 - HOMEWARD BOUND

 Don’t worry if you didn’t experience one of the Tall Ships Races as you can still experience the atmosphere of this amazing event, take part in a Parade of Sail and see the other spectacular ships before heading back to the UK.

Cost – £549 | 7 days
Read the 2018 Tall Ships Information Pack