Raising Funds

Help us to help them to help themselves

To help fund your trip there are lots of things you could do. How about washing cars, taking your neighbours dog for a walk, selling items you no long need online or at a car boot sale?

Are you aged between 12 and 25 years old and need help raising funds for your trip?

Why not start a collection tin with all your small change in it. Small change can soon add up.

Have you considered charging for doing household chores. Helping with the housework not only helps those who would usually be doing it but it could help you too. Why not charge for doing the ironing, vacuuming the house or get paid for keeping your bedroom tidy for a month.

Other ways of raising money to go towards your sailing trip could be to organise a sponsored event. You could do a sponsored swim and see how many lengths of the pool you can do in an hour, you could do a sponsored walk or run, how about holding a music event and putting on a small concert with friends, or on your own as a soloist, and ask for donations.

Get yourself a Challenge Wales Sponsorship Form! If you are planning a sponsored activity to raise money for Challenge Wales we can provide you with a Challenge Wales Sponsorship Form which you can use. To get your hands on a Challenge Wales sponsor form please get in touch through the Contact Us page with details on what sponsored activity you are doing and when and we will send one out to you.

Once you have collected all your money, you will need to send it to us as a cheque and send it to us with a donation form.

If you want to share your successful fundraising ideas with us then please let us know what you have been doing and how much you raised through the Contact Us form.

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