Free Funds

Raise money for us without it costing you a penny more…

To make it easy and simple for you to raise funds for Challenge Wales there are some exciting free opportunities you can do, which you are probably doing already, that can help you raise funds for Challenge Wales.

Printer Ink Cartridge and Toner Recycling

Do you have a computer and use a printer? Are you using a printer at home, school or office? Do you know someone who uses a printer? Maybe your local shop, office or estate agents use a printer? Then why not help us raise funds by getting involved in our free ink cartridge and toner recycling scheme. Challenge Wales benefits by receiving a donation for every eligible ink cartridge and toner recycled, plus the environment also benefits as the cartridges won't be going to landfill!

To start recycling just check that your ink cartridge or toner is listed on the official list here, if it is then just request free recycling envelopes by emailing us your name and address. You just need to pop your ink cartridges in the envelope and post them free of charge in the pre-addressed envelope. Simple. You can request more recycling envelopes at any time by emailing us at no cost to you.

As toners are larger, or if you are recycling a high number of ink cartridges then you can request a free tall recycling box by emailing us your name and address. You just pop your eligible toners and ink cartridges (check here to see if they are listed) in the box. When the box is full you call the freephone number on the side of the box and someone will pick up your ink cartridges and toners and replace it. And, at no cost to you this is a no-brainer. This is a fantastic free scheme which helps the environment and raises funds for Challenge Wales at the same time.

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