Eligibility and Bursary

Due to the nature of sailing the minimum age of crew is 12 years old. However, for any Tall Ships Racing different age limits may apply and you may need to be 16 years or over to participate. If you are unsure on the age limit for a particular event then please contact us.

Challenge Wales encompasses all young people and adults throughout the UK who are welcome to book a place on the yacht (however, some exclusions apply for particular medical conditions).

As a charity, Challenge Wales work closely with Welsh young people and adults focussing on 12 - 25 year olds. If you fall into this bracket you may be eligible for a bursary or a reduction in the price you pay for a sailing voyage on Challenge Wales.

Challenge Wales Bursary Fund

Challenge Wales can often offer those who are aged 12 - 25 years (whether joining us as an individual or as part of a group) a discount on the cost of sailing in the form of a Challenge Wales Bursary, if eligible and if funds are available.

If eligible for a bursary, the bursary can help reduce costs for individuals (and groups) by usually 50% of the advertised price (as you will see in our sailing schedule). Sometimes we have been able to offer more depending on the criteria of our funders and available donations and the personal circumstances of the individual/group asking for bursary assistance at the time.

Current Criteria:

You can apply for a Challenge Wales bursary if you are aged between 12 and 25 years AND are resident in Wales.

If successful you will be required to write a thank you letter to the funder telling them about the sailing experience you were able to take part in.

Challenge Wales, registered charity no: 1111859
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