Charity Structure

The Challenge Wales charity is governed by its Memorandum & Articles (M&A's) which is also known as its governing document. How the charity operates/functions and manages itself is directed by this formal document.

The charity is currently run by an executive board of trustees which meets, as a board, once a month. In addition there are several sub-committees managed by volunteers who are empowered to make some decisions while other decisions are made at board level. The sub-committees are:

  • Finance and Fundraising: this group monitor and advise on cash flow and assist in fundraising bids
  • Youth: this group looks at developing the young persons sail training programme ensuring measurable outcomes are put in place, liaises with youth groups and assists in the development of a Youth Panel
  • Marine: this group looks after the maintenance programme of the boat, the sailing schedule, volunteer crew training and the Challenge Wales RYA Training Centre
  • Commercial: this group looks at generating revenue through corporate and individual sales to help the charity grow

Various activity running through the above groups is promoted through marketing. This includes press activity, advertising, partnership marketing and online activity.

Each sub-committee has particular roles and responsibilities which means small tasks can be successfully managed and achieved. A trustee sits on each sub-committee and the sub-committees feed into the board of trustees.

In addition there are several key (volunteer roles) that are in place. These include: administrators to help with bookings and manning the office, an education officer (currently recruiting) and a Child Protection Officer (who manages our volunteer Enhanced CRB programme).

Last, but certainly by no means least, we have the remaining key people without which the Challenge Wales sail training charity would not function - that is our shoreside and crew volunteers who help out when ever they can.

Challenge Wales, registered charity no: 1111859
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