Voyages of Discovery is a fully funded Big Lottery Fund project enabling young people to gain accreditation in ‘Teamwork’, ‘Improving Own Confidence’ and an ‘Environmental Project’  through Agored Cymru as well as develop teamwork & communication skills and self-confidence through sail training.

Challenge Wales is offering 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day voyages for young people’s groups throughout Wales where sail training will be of benefit. Those taking part, including group leaders, will need to be fully active in our sail training programme from hoisting the sails, to setting the sails, to helming…all teamwork skills.

The Voyages of Discovery programme has been developed to fit into your youth work programme and our Youth Worker visits you before and after your voyage working with you and the young people.

Our voyages can be life-changing and make a positive impact and we are keen to work with you to give more young people this opportunity.

We are now looking for youth groups in Wales to be part of this programme in 2019.

Voyages of Discovery | Mordeithiau Darganfod

Information Pack for Partners

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Read below for some of the results we’ve been achieving with our Voyages of Discovery project…

Gaining confidence - The sky's the limit

‘Carys’ was in her early teens had a moderate disability and suffered anxiety.
What we did: Carys joined us for a two day voyage.
The results: Carys described her experience as awesome and resulted in increased confidence, communication skills, teamwork abilities and mental wellbeing.

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Helping socially excluded young people

‘Hope’ was 17, she lacked confidence, was nervous, and before the voyage said she felt “pants 🙁 ”
What we did: Hope joined us for one day voyage.
The results: The voyage boosted Hope’s confidence and  she increased her scores for physical and mental health by 40%. Independent evaluation showed that for every £1 invested in the Voyages of Discovery project, it created £5.65 of benefit!

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"I loved being able to relive childhood memories"

‘Evan’ was in his early 20’s, depressed and had a learning disability.
What we did: Evan joined us for a one day voyage, then a two day residential.
The results: Evan increased his confidence and improved his physical and mental health. He gained accreditation and felt proud of his achievements. In Evan’s case for every £1 invested in the Voyages of Discovery project generated £7.64 of value

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