After Your Trip

We would love to see you on board…

After your sailing trip on Challenge Wales, whether you have sailed with us as part of a youth trip, a Challenge Experience Day (big boat sailing day) or a Corporate trip many people ask what can they do next to support Challenge Wales and/or continue sailing with us.

Becoming a crew volunteer: If you have sailed with us in the last six months you can use your sailing experience to pre-qualify you as a volunteer sailing crew – subject to you having played an active part on the boat during your trip. Just complete a volunteer form and indicate on the form the date of the trip you were on. Then leave the rest to us! We’ll help you with RYA training courses to get you qualified if need be and there is dedicated volunteer training.

Becoming a shore-based volunteer: Some people have skills outside of sailing such as marketing, pr, teaching, youth work or want to help us in other ways. If you want to get involved then give us a call and we can chat through ways you can help. You may also have your own ideas too. We will need a volunteer form from you so remember to send that back to us.

Posters, Leaflets and Newsletters: After your trip some people realise they can put up posters in a common room, place our leaflets in a reception area, write to the local newspaper with photos and a write up of a sailing trip or include Challenge Wales in their next newsletter. These are all fantastic ways of supporting Challenge Wales after your trip. Writing about your trip and linking from your website to our website: is also an excellent way to support us.

Telling people about your trip: If you really enjoyed your trip and think Challenge Wales would be a great opportunity for friends, colleagues, group leaders to know about then tell people about us. Why not share your photos and experiences.

Share your photos and keep in touch: Challenge Wales has a Facebook page and a lot of people use it to stay in touch after their voyage, upload their images and video’s and share their experiences with others. ‘Like’ our Facebook page, and get interactive sharing and commenting on our posts. It is a great way of telling us about any new ideas you may have for us. You can also talk to us and stay in touch on twitter and help us by retweeting tweets you may like!

Book another trip: Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us and get them to book a trip with us and why not join them? Get 10 of your friends and colleagues together and get exclusive use of Challenge Wales.

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